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Frequently asked questions

¿How do I buy at the virtual shop ?
By a few simple steps you are going to be able to buy the article that you wish of a simple and sure form.
Steps to realise the buy:
1. Search of the article that you want to buy,have several options : Articles: shows you all the articles of the shop.
Search of Articles for its category,Search of Article for its Mark and finally with Advanced Search.
2. Once you have identidied the article that you want to buy, select the Add to the card and automatically it will be leaded in your buy.
3. You cann chose between continueing buying or proceding with the buy. If you proceed with the buy you have to select Form of Sending that you wish and select Update in order that it updates your buy.
4. Select the form of payment and update.
5. Checking of your information,if the information is correct select Accept and if you want change some information select Modify information of bill.
6. Your buy has be realized succesfully,you cann stamp a copy of your order in Pdf or Html format shortly you will receive an e- mail with the information of your order.
¿ Cann I choose the form of sending ?
Yes you cann chose between the different sending forms that we have.Depending on the form and the destiny, its price will change.

 -Spanish Mail ( 4-6 days)
With  Spanish Mail  you cann follow the delivery with the number of tracking that we give you.


The freight cost are free, depending on the total amount and the destination.
      SPAIN                                  =  FREE   
     EUROPE                              =  82,64 EUR
     REST OF THE WORLD   =  165,29 EUR
            (VAT NOT INCLUDED)
¿Cann I choose the form of payment ?
Yes you cann choose between the different payment forms that we have. The payment forms are
CASH ON DELIVERY  (ONLY SPAIN) ( without surcharge )
2100 0727 8502 0018 6998
IBAN ES 15 2100 0727 8502 0018 6998      
¿Me pueden envolver mi pedido para regalo?
Si, y además no lleva coste alguno para Ud.
Al final de la tramitación de su pedido le preguntamos si quiere que le envolvamos su pedido para regalo.

Warranties & Returns?
All our items have a two years  guaranty.
The trade marks are original.We don´t sell imitation. 

Reusable masks, and for hygiene reasons do not allow changes or returns.
Gifts - Promotions

The article indicated as a gift in a promotion will be included in the orders that fulfil the conditions until the units are sold out, in which case it will be replaced by a similar one.
Shipping costs are excluded from the amount to qualify for the promotion.
You can activate instant notifications to receive snotice about your order.The instant notifications of the store are activated, you can deactivate them if you want to stop receiving notices.Notifications are blocked, you must enable them in your web browser if you want to receive notifications
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Puede obtener más información y configurar sus preferencias AQUÍ..
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